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  1. Question:: Is alternate possession awarded when there is a major vs. minor foul.

    Answer:: Yes…
    Alternate possession is awarded when:
    a. the ball goes into the goal off a non-player.
    b. the ball goes out-of-bounds as the result of a shot or deflected shot and two opposing players are equally near the ball.
    c. it cannot be determined which team caused the ball to go out of bounds.
    d. there is an incident unrelated to the ball and players are equidistant from the ball.
    e. a ball lodges in the clothing of a field player or official.
    f. two players commit offsetting fouls, (major and/or minor), or after the attacking team fouls during a slow whistle situation.
    g. the game is restarted after any incident related to the ball when neither team has possession and two opposing players are equally near the ball unless the accident has been caused by a foul.
    h. the game is stopped for any reason not specified in the rules

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